Keep Calm and Choir On

Regina Stroncek

April 27, 2020 Ryan LaBoy
Keep Calm and Choir On
Regina Stroncek
Show Notes

“History is complicated and painful and we’re all tangled in it together, but music-- while it won’t be able to cure injustice-- can serve as part of the healing process.”

Join Keep Calm and Choir On’s host Ryan LaBoy this week in a conversation with singer and two-time Fulbright scholar Regina Stroncek as they talk about the incredible influence of summer arts camps, finding freedom in imperfection, delighting in the secret code of language learning, and the power of music to bridge cultural divides. 

Get ready for a stretchy treat, as you learn about concrete poetry, musical subversion, and dismantling text in Gilberto Mendes’s anti-jingle “Motet in Re Minor: Beba Coca-Cola,” and geek out with Ryan & Gigi about the piece the Boston Globe heralded as “the first indisputably great composition of the 21st century,” Osvaldo Golijov’s “La Pasión según San Marcos” 

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