Keep Calm and Choir On

Paul & Brittany Rudoi

May 04, 2020 Ryan LaBoy
Keep Calm and Choir On
Paul & Brittany Rudoi
Show Notes

“Here’s an opportunity to be with somebody who I don't have to sit here and spend ten minutes explaining why I chose X, Y, and Z moment when I write… I’ll just say it, and then she goes, “Oh, yea totally!” 

“What helps is that when we are at home and we practice for these things, we often practice them separately… so that then when we do come together on any project… we are able to still enjoy that.”

Keep Calm and Choir On does it’s first double interview featuring the dynamic husband and wife duo, Paul and Brittany Rudoi. Listen to them chat with Ryan about their dynamic careers, their dramatically different entry points into choral music, the paradox of being a humble learner and a confident performer, and the power of singing together! 

This week’s music features two pieces for Tenor-Bass ensemble. Prepare to be moved by the voices of Cantus singing Maura Baush’s “The Turning” and get transported back 1000 years in time as we listen to “Small Litany and Kalophonic Antiphon” from Cappella Romana’s groundbreaking new album “Lost Voices of Hagia Sophia.” 

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